Lis Viegas brings to the modern drumset an athletic grace and passionate feel that is colorful, engaging and vivacious. She is well respected for her creative approach, stage presence, and unique improvisational skills over a wide range of musical idioms. With her musical journey in full swing, the path to excel has seen her earn a Bachelor’s degree in International Business Marketing from San Diego State University which in this day & age, dovetails perfectly into the life path of a prepared musician. Such talent and educated skills will surely make her a valuable asset to any band or artist. Lis also lends her talents to many other groups in the United States and is a constant fixture in the many live music halls within the Southern California area.


Lis has toured through the US and Canada with several budding California groups. Being on the road a lot inspired her to take the music internationally. Lis has performed in Canada, Mexico, India, South Africa, and Tanzania as she continues to blend her passion for travel, music and yoga into one grand adventure!

Off the kit, Lis enjoys practicing and teaching yoga, surfing, pilates, sailing, learning languages and continuing her involvement in Karma Yoga.  Sharda Yoga Center is a non profit organization based in San Diego. This organization offers yoga, mindfulness art, music and healing to local orphans in Tijuana.

"We put it out to our fans that we were going to pick a musician to sit in with us for our live improv set at Lightning In A Bottle festival.  Out of all the submissions we got, Lis stood out big time!  Her passion for music and life comes out in her drumming and it translated well to the video!  The night of the performance, she handled all aspects with grace and confidence.  Playing double drums with Lis was a highlight of the performance!"

- Sidecar Tommy | Beats Antique Drummer


Beats Antique: 

Lightning in a Bottle Contest Winner 2018:



Balkan Bump



Root to Rise (Tj Moss)

Jesus Gonzalez

Vokab Kompany

Courtney Preis

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"I first discovered Lis when she won the Beats Antique Lightning Orchestra competition at LIB 2018. She joined them on stage and blew the audience and I away. Her stage presence is contagious."

- Jesse Brede | Pivotal Talent Agency, Gravitas Recordings


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