There’s no one out there passionately pounding the drum kit as beautifully as Lis Viegas. The multi-talented artist has been a highly-sought after drummer since 2007. Often performing at concerts and festivals all around the US, she is known for her electrifying performances that always get the crowd going. Her infectious stage presence, improvisational skills and innate musical ability are second to none. She picked up the drums after healing from a knee injury as an athlete and has poured all her passion into the instrument ever since. Her skills have taken her all around the world performing in various groups — fusing her passion for travel with music. She plays with a wide range of acts and is currently working on her first original album. When she’s not busy beating a drum she’s surfing, hiking, snowboarding and practicing yoga.  She hopes for her music to provide positive experiences for her listeners and appreciates the craft for its therapeutic and healing qualities.


Balkan Bump



Root to Rise (Tj Moss)

Jesus Gonzalez

Vokab Kompany

Courtney Preis

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